UCI Contacts

UCI Applied Innovation
949-824-2683 | cove@uci.edu
• Resources and Information Related to Creating a Company

Invention Transfer Group
Licensing Officers 949-824-2683 | cove@uci.edu
• Patent Application
• Licensing UCI IP

Industry Sponsored Research
Industry Contract Officers 949-824-2683 | cove@uci.edu
• Company Sponsored Research

Conflict of Interest
Conflict of Interest Administrator 949-824-0012 | coioc@research.uci.edu
• Financial Disclosure Requirements Related to Research
• Prepare for an Upcoming Conflict of Interest Oversight Committee Review

Academic Personnel
• Dean's Office Chief Personnel Officer
• Academic Personnel | acadpers@uci.edu
• Health Sciences Executive Director of Academic Affairs and Faculty Compensation | sheilaem@uci.edu
• Acquire Prior Approval for Category I Activities Under the University of California’s Policy Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members

Graduate Division
• Andrea Bannigan | alanders@uci.edu
•COI Oversight Members for Graduate Students

Budget Office and Procurement Services
Department with Desired Service/Facility
• Company Access to UCI Service/Facility with an Established Recharge Rate

Budget Office, Procurement Services, and Applied Innovation
Director of Intellectual Property Management 949-824-2683 | kkennan@uci.edu
• Company Access to UCI Service/Facility Without an Established Recharge Rate

Academic Personnel
Department Chair | acadpers@uci.edu
• Involve Students in a New Company

International Center
949-824-7249 | internationalcenter@uci.edu
• Involve UCI Affiliated Foreign Nationals in New Company

Export Control
Export Control Officer 949-824-0445
• Startup Company’s Products Have Military End Use or Are Subject to Export Control Regulations